WEF 2023: India to become a $26 trillion economy by 2047, says EY report


India is likely to become a $26-trillion economy in 100th year of its Indepe­ndence in 2047 with per capita GDP growing six times from current level to over $15,000 during the period, EY said in a report released at the sidelines of the World Economic Forum at Davos.

The report, titled “India@100: Realising the potential of a $26 trillion economy”, says India is most likely to overtake Germany and Japan to become the third largest economy after China and the US by 2030.

Carmine Di Sibio, global Chairman and CEO at EY, said India offers a unique investment opportunity as the world struggles, with increased geo-political pressures. “With the biggest talent pool, an accelerated pace of economic reforms, breakthroughs in energy transition, and rapid digital transformation, the long-term growth trajectory is clearly positive. India shows immense potential and is positioned to make a truly transfo­rmative impact on the world stage,” he said.



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