Top 60 Mobile Trends in March


The March 2024 mobile trends include future-facing smartphones with diverse feature sets, as well as accessories, apps, and artificial intelligence tools. Given the large competition in the smartphone space, brands are now focusing on core features to differentiate themselves from competitors, such as smartphones with enhanced security, excellent speakers, or excellent cameras.

One artificial intelligence tool for mobile devices is Instacart’s new mobile app. This app has been enhanced with a number of AI capabilities, such as smart shopping list generation based on prompts, automated shopping trip planning that accounts for purchasing history, nearby grocery stores, and many more features. This application streamlines the grocery shopping process for users directly on their mobile device through the use of AI.

On the hardware side, Nubia’s Music Phone, as the name suggests, is a phone that focuses its cost and design around its speakers. Rather than having the speakers be a generic feature, this smartphone has an integrated loudspeaker on the back of the phone next to the camera bump. This loudspeaker results in louder, more clear audio fit for audiophiles, and it is especially clear when compared to traditional smartphones that use compact foam balls to enhance volume.


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