Top 100 Eco Trends in May


This list of eco trends highlights the continued popularity of alternative, sustainable apparel and the shift towards sustainable business operations. These trends have influenced some of the most iconic names in fashion, tech, and adjacent industries as eco-education and government regulations continue to become more accessible to larger global audiences.

In particular, the novel pasta product from The Supplant Company is manufactured from a combination of flour that utilizes the stalk of the wheat plant, a typically wasted item. This pasta has more fiber and fewer calories than normal pasta and also accommodates consumer demand for upcycled food products.

Another example comes from SureScreen Diagnostics, situated in Derby, United Kingdom. The brand’s test cassette and component bags utilize PBAT and PLA materials to test for COVID-19 in a sustainable fashion. The company hopes that by developing environmentally friendly substitutes for wasteful medical testing methods will inspire other medical equipment manufacturers to do the same.

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