Tinx Reveals the Piece of Dating Advice She Wants Followers to Know


When it comes to relationships, Tinx‘s approach boils down to a change in perspective.

The TikTok star, who has been dubbed the internet’s big sister by fans—has become the millennial dating guru on social media. The It’s Me, Tinx podcaster exclusively told E! News what her main takeaway has been from dishing out dating advice, and what she desperately wants her followers to learn. 

“The biggest shift that I want, specifically young women to have is like, it’s not about ‘Does he like me?’ It’s ‘Do I like him?'” she shared. “If I could really just install one thing in people’s heads, it would be that shift.”

Tinx, 32, continued, “I think there’s people, young people, who waste so much time—myself included. That’s why I’m so passionate about it. Because my entire 20s I was thinking, ‘Does he like me?’ ‘Is he going to call me?’ and I wasn’t even like, ‘Wait, do I even like this person?’ So that mindset shift can be so powerful.

As someone who bestows a lot of dating advice on TikTok, Tinx has often let followers into her own relationships. But after going through “a really bad breakup” on the app, she decided to take a step back from sharing her personal life.



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