Smart High-Lumen Light Bulbs : lifx 1


LIFX is expanding its portfolio by introducing two new smart bulbs that are compatible with the Matter standard and operate over Wi-Fi.

The first addition to LIFX’s lineup is the A21 indoor bulb, priced at $39.98. This bulb offers exceptional brightness, boasting 1,600 lumens, surpassing even LIFX’s previous models, which were capped at 1,100 lumens.

The second offering is the Par38 indoor/outdoor bulb, available for $34.98. This versatile bulb is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications and offers the same impressive brightness of 1,600 lumens. The Par38 bulb is IP65-rated, guaranteeing dust-tight construction and resistance to direct water jets, ensuring durability and reliability even in challenging outdoor environments.

These additions from LIFX are exclusively available through The Home Depot.

Image Credit: LIFX


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