Long Geometric Hawaiian Guesthomes : vipp cold hawaii


The Vipp Cold Hawaii guesthouse is designed by the team at architectural studio Hahn Lavsen and it is made for homeware brand Vipp. This structure is developed to stand out in contrast to the dunes that are around Thy National Park located in Denmark. The house is finished with a steeply pitched roof and resembles the look of traditional fishermen’s cottages by the location.

Co-founder of the studio Ebbe Lavesen speaks to Dezeen about the design, stating “Instead of trying to mesh the building completely into the landscape, we wanted the two to engage in a dialogue and work with the contrast between them. There is a great contrast in the soft sand dunes and the sharp geometry of the building, where you seek shelter and comfort from the rough but beautiful nature, with gables facing east and west to tackle the strong wind conditions from the North sea.”

Image Credit: Vipp


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