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Ceasefire in Ukraine Lobby Day: Activists Call on Congress to End the War in Ukraine


As the one-year mark of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches, concerned citizens from around the country are gathering in Washington, DC to call on Congress to take action to end the war. On February 21st, activists will visit Capitol Hill to urge their representatives to support a mutual ceasefire and negotiations.

“We cannot continue to fuel a war that creates such daily suffering and risks becoming a nuclear confrontation, ” said Medea Benjamin, author and peace activist. “We need Congress to take a stand and push for urgent diplomatic efforts to end the war.”

The day will begin with a visit to the offices of Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries to deliver a letter calling for a ceasefire and negotiations, followed by a teach-in on the war. After lunch, activists will break into teams to visit their representatives’ offices and the offices of both Democratic and Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee.

“We need to stop rubber-stamping tens of billions of dollars for weapons for an unwinnable proxy war between the United States and Russia,” said lobby day co-organizer Ann Wright, a retired Army Colonel and State Department diplomat. “It’s time for Congress to reassert its constitutional authority over matters of war and peace, and call for negotiations, not escalation.”

During their visits to Congress, activists will urge their representatives to issue a public statement calling on President Biden to pursue urgent diplomatic efforts to end the war; co-sponsor H Res 113 to end US support for the war and promote negotiations or introduce their own legislation; oppose the sending of fighter jets to Ukraine; gather a group of congresspeople to request a briefing from the White House on efforts to promote peace talks; and hold hearings to investigate allegations that President Biden ordered the sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines.

Members of the press are invited to join the activists as they prepare to walk the halls of Congress. The group will meet at 9:30 AM in the cafeteria of the Rayburn Building (ground floor of the Rayburn House Office Building) and will be in Congress from 9:30am-5pm.

For more information, contact Medea Benjamin at 415-235-6517 or medea.benjamin@gmail.com or Ann Wright at 808-741-1141 or annw1946@gmail.com.

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