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How civil society activists are adapting to COVID-19 in Mozambique


Ms. Mussa also takes part in COVID-19 prevention campaigns in public transport terminals, distributing masks to women, children and older people. With each mask, she delivers a vital message: “Use this mask to protect yourself from COVID-19, not to stay silent. Violence is a crime – report it!”

Last year, Ophenta activists sensitized over 3,700 people in Nampula City. They are among the more than 29,000 people across three provinces who were reached by Spotlight Initiative-supported grassroots interventions. These interventions inform communities about gender-based violence and early unions, as well as existing response services.

Information in turn boosts the demand for support services. To ensure that women and girls experiencing violence continue to access life-saving care during the pandemic, the Spotlight Initiative is equipping government teams in the health, social action, police and justice sectors with personal protective equipment and hygiene materials, providing cellphones, vehicles and mobile clinics to public institutions, as well as supporting online training to service providers.

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